felix_felicis_by_oo_shaketramp_oo-d50uqzsAll Potterheads must have had a secret desire to lay their hands on the famous luck potion, Felix Felicis. Well, here are some facts about this potion that you probably don’t know.

#1. Felix Felicis was invented in the 16th century by Zygmunt Budge.

#2. It takes a whooping six months to brew it. Besides, it requires highly advanced potion-making skills.

#3. It should be perfectly concocted. Any slight mistake will result in disastrous consequences.

#4. If taken in excess, it may lead to recklessness and over-confidence. It is also capable of being toxic to the body, on overuse.

#5. It looks like liquid gold, with droplets of the potion leaping over the surface like goldfish.

#6. As useful a potion as it may be, it does have its limitations. For instance, it cannot get you through things that are powerfully magical like The Room of Requirement (and the Peruvian instant darkness powder).

#7. Its use is banned in all sporting events and competitions as it would be rather unfair to have luck concentrated on one side.

#8. Felix Felicis is a Latin phrase that literally translates to Luck of Luck.

Hope you enjoyed that!