This is one of my earliest poems. It was raining after a long time then and inspiration struck me, the result being this poem.


As I walk alone on the road,

All hope lost, never to return again

Trapped in an ocean of sorrows, misery and gloom

Oh! I hear thunder, I see lightning…

Startled though I am initially,

With a chill going down my spine,

When the first virgin drop of heavenly essence

Falls on my chin…

Oh! What a wonderful feeling!

It gives me a spark of hope, making me forget my misery.

Oh! What a magnificent sight!

When it rejuvenates the withering flowers,

And makes the buds bloom…

As birds flock to their nests for shelter,

And butterflies bide their time to suck nectar from the flowers,

I feel like opening up to you

To shout out my misery.

Because you are the only one patient enough

To listen to me with a gracious heart.

You are the one, who can unleash hope from Pandora’s box.

Rain, you are the only one for me.


Thanks for reading my poem! I know I’m terribly bad at poetry, but I hope to better my writing skills in the days to come. Please do comment below, for I would love your feedback.