Sometimes, as I step into the early stages of adulthood, bidding farewell to the vestiges of my adolescence, I lose myself in deep thought. I brood on my childhood, wistfully longing for the days that had been real once, but never will be hereafter. My dreary mind reels back to those days of innocence and inexperience, which now engulf me in a sense of loss.

Beautiful school days, filled with the pleasure of innocent yet true friendship. Delightful family reunions during the festive seasons, a revival of precious relationships. Delicious savouries conjured by my mother at my will, absolutely mouth-watering! Treasured moments of dim-witted jokes shared with Dad. Petty tussles with my brother over nothing at all! Absurd waltzing to random tunes…Ah, these memories fill me with a sweet pleasure on being remembered.

It was a time when I had no clue of the guile and deceit this world is brimming with. I had been at peace with the world and expected the same from it. Evidently, I was foolishly wrong. As this thought strikes my mind, I am jolted out of my reverie and I remind myself that I have no other option but to struggle through life and wade through its murky waters.

Children are fresh pieces of parchment, that will sooner or later be blotched with the evil ink of age and life.

This is something I learnt through experience.



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