The young girl sat curled up in a corner

Her thoughts were as strained as could be

A wave of confusion overwhelmed her;

Anger and sadness didn’t forget to accompany.

She stole occasional glances through her window

Boys, her age, were capering about, playing football

While she was forbidden to do so,

For she was a girl.

Her thoughts drifted towards her brother,

Who had gone out on his bicycle, to the cinema hall,

While she, she was forbidden to do so,

For she was a girl.

She could hear the gleeful chatter of children back from school,

She yearned to learn; she pined for education

But sadly, she was forbidden to do so.

She had sinned; she was a girl.

She had asked herself, and her parents, a hundred times,

“What does it matter, if I am a girl?”

Little did she know that all that mattered to them was that

She was, ‘after all’, a girl.



Inspired by Daily Prompt: Forbidden

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