Snails, turtles, silkworms and sea urchins
Seemed to me creatures most content
There’s always a private retreat for them,
And upon Privacy I was most bent.

“Oh how wonderful it would be”, I thought,
“If humans had as lucky a chance”,
For then I could be myself, my inner self,
That wished madly to sing, laugh and dance.

A halo around me, an invisible wall,
A comfort zone; was all I wanted,
Least did I want a connection with the world,
And with the pretence and pomposity it flaunted.

So I shunned all external friendship and judgement,
And built a sturdy, yet invisible wall around me
I revelled in Privacy’s blissful company,
Only to realise it would soon cease to be.

For though I could sing and dance to my heart’s content
And heartily rave and laugh like a lunatic,
Privacy was stifling and suffocating me, and I cried,
“The world is my home!”; I was woefully homesick.

I broke through the wall, in great earnest,
And re-joined my old world in haste;
Nasty, pretentious and pompous as it maybe,
We live in here, and without it, life would be a waste.


I know it’s a messy rant of a poem, please bear with me!

Daily Prompt: Privacy

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