He was staggering forward.

Exerted to the point of complete exhaustion as he was, he mustered all his strength and floundered on. His face was pallid and covered in perspiration, his muscles were straining themselves, as each step he took required every last ounce of his vigour. His unprotected feet had sprouted blisters from the scorching coarsenessĀ of the sand.

He vaguely wondered if he was walking on fiery coal.

He pushed aside the thought, for he had more pressing matters at hand…he had to get to the place he father had never, ever been to…he had to slay his father’s reputation… he had to distinguish himself as the most intrepid traveller the world has ever had.

He had been brave enough to take up this insurmountable task of solely walking across the most dangerous desert on earth.

Little did he know that it would put him through a fatal turn of consequences.

Little did he know that he would be so unfortunate as to lose his way.

Little did he know, in his revelry of future fame that he probably would never get, he would be walking to his death.

A very thirsty death.

That reminded him – he needed water. Water.

His throat was getting drier by the second, he felt as if some invisible machine was sucking out every last drop of water from his body. His thoughts were turning hazy and so was his vision. He grappled with his mind, trying to put his train of thoughts into place.

He could see nothing around, let alone his last hope of life – an oasis. Everything was whirling around, his throat was starting to be strangled by an invisible, yet extremely strong hand. He was being consumed by the insufferable thirst that had blighted him, slowly. It was spreading like venom through his body. He began to realise he hadn’t much time.

He looked around once more; a wave of realisation overcame him. Regret, guilt and shame unveiled their voracious selves in him.

As he began to regret his recklessness, his lust for fame and his desire to be beheld as a much more fearless traveller than his father, everything around him spiralled and swirled…slowly…

To nothingness.



Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Desert

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