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An Encounter With Privacy

Snails, turtles, silkworms and sea urchins
Seemed to me creatures most content
There’s always a private retreat for them,
And upon Privacy I was most bent.

“Oh how wonderful it would be”, I thought,
“If humans had as lucky a chance”,
For then I could be myself, my inner self,
That wished madly to sing, laugh and dance.

A halo around me, an invisible wall,
A comfort zone; was all I wanted,
Least did I want a connection with the world,
And with the pretence and pomposity it flaunted.

So I shunned all external friendship and judgement,
And built a sturdy, yet invisible wall around me
I revelled in Privacy’s blissful company,
Only to realise it would soon cease to be.

For though I could sing and dance to my heart’s content
And heartily rave and laugh like a lunatic,
Privacy was stifling and suffocating me, and I cried,
“The world is my home!”; I was woefully homesick.

I broke through the wall, in great earnest,
And re-joined my old world in haste;
Nasty, pretentious and pompous as it maybe,
We live in here, and without it, life would be a waste.


I know it’s a messy rant of a poem, please bear with me!

Daily Prompt: Privacy

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For ‘She’ Was Forbidden


The young girl sat curled up in a corner

Her thoughts were as strained as could be

A wave of confusion overwhelmed her;

Anger and sadness didn’t forget to accompany.

She stole occasional glances through her window

Boys, her age, were capering about, playing football

While she was forbidden to do so,

For she was a girl.

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This is one of my earliest poems. It was raining after a long time then and inspiration struck me, the result being this poem.


As I walk alone on the road,

All hope lost, never to return again

Trapped in an ocean of sorrows, misery and gloom

Oh! I hear thunder, I see lightning…

Startled though I am initially,

With a chill going down my spine,

When the first virgin drop of heavenly essence

Falls on my chin… Continue reading “Rain”

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